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Homeowners see ADUs as an opportynity to generate income and are an efficient option for adding much-needed housing in California.


We will assist you with creative and functional ideas, ensuring that the final design is efficient and compliant with local city planning and zoning regulations and the California Building Code. For us there are no small projects. 

We work together with the planning and building departments of your city to provide you with all your current zoning regulations and ordinances. Knowing your do's and don'ts beforehand, will save you time and will guarantee a final city approval.


Commonly known as in-law units, ADUs are accessory dwelling units that serve as a secondary independent unit on a lot with an existing primary unit.


Over the course of the years, some homeowners take the decision to add  new family members by having kids or by having their parents moving with them.

Adding floor area to your existing house is a great option to add new rooms, make an existing space more comfortable and increase the re-sale value of your home.



If you feel that your house has an awkward floor plan or the space just doesn't seem to work, you may consider an interior remodel. 

Sometimes by just removing a few partition walls is enough to make a big impact on how you feel the space.

We always work very close with structural engineers to make sure if any change to your existing layout will trigger any potential structural work.


Many historical houses go through different transformations throughout the years. Some owners choose to make changes to their facade by removing original details and components  or adding low maintenance finishes.

With the help of historic photographs, documents and physical evidence of removed components, we will help you to bring back the beauty of the original architectural style of your house.

Some buildings constructed over 50 years ago may be considered potential historic resources and proposed changes to these buildings may require some level of environmental review. In these cases, we work very close with the preservation team of your city and following historic design guidelines



Applying to obtain a commercial construction permit  sometimes can be a daunting process.  

One of the biggest challenges that new business owners find, is making their new space physically accessible and compliant with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).


Whether you are starting a new business or expanding with a new location, we can help to maximize the use of your new  space and make it compliant with the latest ADA regulations as necessary.

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