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Pre-Design. During this phase we discuss about your goals, needs and visions for your complete project. This phase also includes site visits to take measurements and study the real possibilities and expectations of your project.​​


As part of the pre-design phase, we will go to your house or existing building to take measurements the existing conditions and convert these sketches into CAD As-Built drawings.

Schematic Design. In this phase we provide preliminary building plans, elevations, sections or drawings required to communicate the design intent to the client.

Design process 1.jpg

The schematic design phase is where the basic mass concept starts to take place. In additions, it is encouraged to include masses that are consistent with the existing residence.

Pre-Planning Submission. Once the client approves the schematic design, we set a meeting with the city planners to check for conformance with applicable zoning ordinances or special interest concerns. Sometimes, cities have design review boards who review building design for conformance to published design guidelines.


Design development. This stage is where the schematic design becomes a more developed floor plans, sections, elevations and typical construction details at a larger scale. The proposed design is still being developed although is close to be finalized.


During this phase and specially in areas with a defined visual character, it is always recommended to make the design compatible with the patterns and architectural features of surrounding buildings.

Construction Documents. This is the phase where we start to create in detail, the required drawings and documents for construction of the project. Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, electrical and plumbing are included depending on the city requirements.

Submit to City. Once the construction documents are finished, the drawing package should be submitted to the city for final city approval and construction permit. The Building Official will respond to the Architect with either notification of project approval or a request for plan revisions. In the latter case, revised drawings are resubmitted for review.

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